About Us

Who Am I

My name is Esther. A medical graduate and  Jack of all trades freelancer who has lived in Tbilisi for 8 years. I’ve always wanted to make life easier for others, while I’ve done that through the past years.

The pandemic and my ultimate goal to own a conglomerate opened my eyes to turning this website I’ve had for 3 years into something productive.

As a student with a very tight budget, I got into thrifting and my love for it has grow since then.

I hope this website is going to make thrift shopping less of a chore for you since all product will be sorted already.

I hope help the local businesses I source product from.

I hope to help people see that you can look good without breaking your bank.

I hope to make people happy from their finds on here.

By the way, I designed this website myself, I was’t joking about being a Jack of all trades.


Peace 🙂

Nationwide Shipping

We ship everywhere in Tbilisi, delivery outside of Tbilisi can also be arranged.

Best Quality

Some threads of thought,a stitch of brilliance.

Best Offers

Low price ever, don't put your pocket under pressure.

Secure Payments

All payments done by bank transfer.